Fogging services 
Through our professional disinfectant and fogging services, we use ISO accredited machinery, and eco-friendly disinfectants to kill bacteria and viruses on kinds of surfaces.

Certified and accredited
The chemicals that we use for fogging are locally produced, SABS and SANS certified, as well as human and environmentally friendly certified.

Our machinery is ISO accredited and recognized by the World Health Organisation

Our cleaning team is accredited with SASAC

Covid-19 Services
Brand Empowered’s Covid-19 services division specializes in the supply of locally produced and certified Covid-19 PPE (Personal, Protective Equipment), disinfectants and the provision of fogging services.
Supplies: (heading 2)
• Masks (medical & civilian)
• Temperature equipment
• Medical gears
• Sanitizers
• Sanitizing accessories and equipment
• Cleaning equipment and accessories
• Washroom equipment and consumables